Window Alarms for ADT Monitoring

Your windows let you see the world while you’re safe & warm inside. They shouldn’t be an invitation for criminals. Windows could be the most vulnerable entry into your home so it’s important to have the bet possible security for them. ADT monitoring can provide customers with effective solutions for your home’s security, and your peace of mind. With the latest sensors and 24/7 monitoring you can sleep well knowing your windows are secured.

Door & Window Sensors

There is actually more expertise in installing window and door alarms then you might think. Rely on an ADT authorised technician to make the most of them for you. Your technician will have the proper training and knowledge of the best placement for your homes sensors.

Don’t just protect your doors

The benefits of securing your windows can far outway any costs. It’s easy to protect your doors, with dead bolts, and would-be burglars know that a window can be a much easier entry into your home. A high decibel alarm going off when a window is opened can usually scare off any burglar while alerting your family and ADT to the danger. Also – window sensors are low maintenance and require very little upkeep.

More than just noise

When your home and windows are secured and being monitored by 4 US monitoring centers, you can rest assured that ADT has your back. Call now and speak with an ADT representative to find out more information about door & window alarms.

Home Security